Saturday, February 18, 2012

Are you having depression?

It is okay to feel down sometimes after failing an exam, not getting hired with the job you want, losing a game or breaking up with your loved one. But feeling this despair for a long period of time may mean depression. And it isn’t just the feeling of blues, depression can make a person lock him/herself in the room, stop eating, and think tormenting thoughts. In one way, it creates an unhappy person. And in some other way, it means a more serious illness.

A depressed person will stop his or her interest on friends and hobbies. The person will feel exhausted and will have a hard time getting through the day. And although friends and family can help you move out from depression, you yourself can help cope with this serious state. 

The first thing you need to do is understand depression. Depression isn’t just sadness. You will feel severe symptoms like sleeplessness, feeling hopelessness and helpless, losing control over negative thoughts, loss appetite, having aggressive/reckless behaviour (usually with men), and having thoughts that life is not worth living. If the case is the last symptom, one should immediately seek doctor’s assistance.

If ever you know someone who is undergoing this problem, you should seriously take your friend or that family member to the doctor. Sometimes, these suicidal tendencies are not just wanting to cut off one’s life, more often, it is a cry for help.

People may have different symptoms and causes of depression, but once you feel a bit strange about yourself or with someone, it is safe to consult a professional help than be sorry in the end. 

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